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Focused Publications on Practical Flow Cytometry Applications in Hematopathology

Society for Hematopathology and International Clinical Cytometry Society partnered to publish a series of review articles on flow cytometry immunophenotyping in the most relevant fields of hematopathology. The experts in flow cytometry and hematopathology have been invited to provide insightful reviews and summary of practical flow cytometry applications and updates in a specific group of diseases. These articles are peer-reviewed and intend to provide an objective and exhaustive review of the state-of-the-art of flow cytometry in a given area of hematopathology. Four of 6 articles have been published to date. Stay tuned for the review of flow cytometry in plasma cell neoplasms to be published this month.


Issue Cover Date

Review Topic


January 2019

The current role of clinical flow cytometry in the evaluation of mature B‐cell neoplasms

Adam C. Seegmiller, Eric D. Hsi, Fiona E. Craig

March 2019

Flow cytometry applications in the diagnosis of T/NK‐cell lymphoproliferative disorders

Dragan Jevremovic and Horatiu Olteanu

May 2019

Multiparameter flow cytometry applications in the diagnosis of mixed phenotype acute leukemia

Anna Porwit and Marie C. Bene

July 2019

Applications of flow cytometric immunophenotyping in the diagnosis and posttreatment monitoring of B and T lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma

Joseph A. DiGiuseppe and Brent L. Wood

September 2019
In Press

Flow cytometric immunophenotypic analysis in the diagnosis and prognostication of plasma cell neoplasms

Hao-Wei Wang and Pei Lin,

November 2019
In Press

Common flow cytometry pitfalls in diagnostic hematopathology

Sindhu Cherian,  Benjamin D. Hedley and Michael Keeney

June 2020

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