The workshop panel will collate and discuss all cases submitted to the Workshop. All cases will be organized into eight sessions using the topics chosen by the submitter in the online system but may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Workshop Panel. Approximately 40 cases (4 or 5 cases per session) will be presented during the meeting. Early submissions are strongly encouraged.

Alert!  Case Submission Deadline: January 31, 2023

Please note the following guidelines for case submission. The online submission system will automatically enforce these guidelines:

  • Case text is limited to 3,500 characters
  • Please structure your case as follows:
    • Clinical Information
    • Description of Submitted Tissues
    • Details of Microscopic Findings
    • Immunophenotype
    • Cytogenetics
    • Molecular Studies
    • Proposed Diagnosis/ses
    • Interesting Features of Case
  • Molecular characterization with data interpretation is offered free of charge to the workshop participants for inclusion in their presentations in cases of AILT and T-cell lymphomas with a follicular helper T cell phenotype, PTCL-NOS, Lennert lymphoma and nodal cytotoxic PTCL.
  • Tissue Submission:
    • Each case should include the submission of (2) two H&E slides of representative tissue per specimen and 20 unstained slides. The H&E slides will be used for any required additional review by the planning committee, and they may also be made available to all workshop attendees in the form of digital whole slide imaging, if your case is selected for individual presentation. The unstained slides will be used to perform immunohistochemical studies, as needed, to further characterize the immunophenotype of the neoplasm (e.g PD1, ICOS, IDH2R172K, TBX21, CXCR3, GATA3 and CCR4) and to extract RNA or DNA to perform the molecular studies if applicable to the case. Please check mark the box if you agree to proceed with the molecular analysis of your case if selected.
  • Please upload your slides (max. 10 MB, PowerPoint) using the provided template.
  • All cases must contain original work and content that has not been published in a peer-review journal.
  • The case submission fee is 35 USD.
  • Cases must be submitted in English. Please check spelling and grammar carefully.
  • For the skin cases, it is highly recommended to provide clinical pictures of the lesions and a detailed clinical history. This will facilitate the review of the case by the panelists.

Case Topics

  • Progress in Peripheral T- and NK- Cell Lymphomas: Diagnosis, Biomarkers and Molecular Pathogenesis

    • PTCL with a T follicular helper (TFH) phenotype including angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma, nodal lymphomas of TFH phenotype and follicular T-cell lymphoma
    • Nodal and extranodal cytotoxic T cell lymphomas including hepatosplenic T-cell lymphomas and aggressive and indolent intestinal T-cell lymphomas (including NK cell enteropathy)
    • Nodal and extranodal anaplastic large cell lymphomas (ALCL) including ALK+, ALK-, primary cutaneous CD30+ LPDs and breast implant (BI)-associated
    • Primary nodal EBV+ T cell lymphoma and other EBV+ NK- and T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders (LPDs)
    • Non-mycosis fungoides primary cutaneous T-cell lymphomas/LPDs
    • T-LPDs with bone marrow involvement or in leukemic phase difficult to classify
    • T- or NK- lymphoblastic lymphomas/leukemias, specifically those with a difficult differential diagnosis (e.g. those overlapping with mature T-cell lymphomas)